Al and BT Story Synopseseseses

Special thanks to Sam, who writ this whole thing up for us as we are very lazy and procrastinatory. (Well I am!)

#1 - A Filiment Of My Imagitation
Peter gets very sick, causing his figments, Al and BT, to appear outside his mind. As Peter's temperature rises, things begin to get strange. The result is a continuing quest for aspirin through a tangled mess of Peter's dreams-turned-reality.

#2 - Psychiatrically Insane
Mike, Micky, and Davy decide that Peter's having figments in his head is a sure sign of insanity. So they take him to the psychiatrist, who turns out to not really know what he's doing, resulting in a chaotic, near-disaster with Peter, Al, and BT.

#3 - More Mixed-Up Mental Monkee Mishaps
Davy accidentally gets poofed into Peter's mind instead of BT. While Al is teaching Davy the particulars of using mindpad powers, BT -- wanting to stay in the Monkees' pad -- does everything she can to keep Mike and Micky from getting Peter to fall asleep.

#4 - Alien Abduction Antics
Some weird policemen/government officials think Peter is an alien abductee because of an incident with pistachio nuts. They take him to the lab of the insane Dr. Bork, and Mike, Micky, and Davy decide it's a job for the Monkeemen. So they set out and try to save the day.

#5 - Out Of Mind, Out Of Body
Al and BT figure out how to poof out of Peter's mind while he's still awake. Unfortunately, their way of getting out involves fading, and a whole lot of body-switching goes on as a result.

#6 - She Cannot Be A Part Of Me 'Cause Now She's A Part Of You
BT decides to move into Micky's mind. This upsets Peter's figmental balance, making him tired and slow; Micky is made overly hyper. With the help of Davy, Al manages to set things right.

#7 - A Very Hair-Raising Experience
Davy makes a pie but accidentally drops a hair in it. Little does he know the hair turns figments into weird things. Al eats the piece with the hair and ends up turning into a dragon. From there, she and BT go around trying everyone's hair, trying to change Al back to normal.

#8 - Never Underestimate The Power Of A Baked Pickle, Fish, And Lasagna Sandwich
Al and BT get locked out of Peter's mind and have to spend time in the Monkees' pad. BT is bored and laments for her baked pickle, fish, and lasagna sandwich. When Al finally figures out what's wrong with the mind portals, she and BT get home and the BPFL ends up in the hands of Micky.

#9 - Reality Never Dies
Al acquires the ability to control reality and decides to try it out. However, things go completely awry and everyone ends up getting turned into things that they would rather not be.

#10 - I Kretch Micky!
BT goes absolutely, totally, and completely nuts over Micky. She melts, freaks out, and does all manner of things to show her strange affection.

#11 - Your Fish Is Fried
Davy announces that he, Micky, Mike, and Peter have to celebrate Canada Day for some reason. They decide to get some seafood and end up getting turned into merpeople along with Al and BT. Consequentially, they are taken to an aquarium until Al realizes she can turn them back.

#12 - Feline Fever
BT gets turned into a cat by way of a bubble bath. She sets about being her usual self, only as a cat, and of course trouble ensues.

#13 - One More Remark Like That And I'll Hit You With Me Purse
Davy gets knocked on the head and wakes up thinking he's a girl. He and BT end up fighting over Micky while the others try to figure out how to fix him.

#14 - I Thought Love Was Only True In Fairy Tales
Micky suddenly gets a crush on BT. This makes BT unimaginably happy, but sickens everyone else, especially when the nose-doinking starts.

#15 - You Misremember This
Peter forgets who Al and BT are. This causes Al and BT to become sick, and the resulting chaos prompts Micky, Mike, and Davy to help Peter remember his figments before it's too late.

#16 - While Peter's Away The Figments Will Play
Peter goes away for the weekend, leaving Al and BT with Mike, Micky, and Davy. When the guys realize they have a gig they can't cancel, Mike reluctantly asks Al and BT for help.

#17 - It's All Fun And Games Until Someone Reverts To Childhood
BT messes up her own plan and ends up making Micky fourteen years old. She also makes herself fall in love with practically everybody and both she and Micky have to wait for it to wear off.

#18 - Well It's Been A Year Or So And I Wanna Grow Back Again
Davy wishes he was taller and Al decides to make him so. Then BT thinks it would be funny if Mike was shorter, so she shrinks him but doesn't know how to turn him back. This makes Mike extremely angry and forces him to be short for most of the story.

#19 - Sand On The Brain
BT bashes Al's brain out and it goes down to the beach for a vacation. Al becomes incredibly stupid without her brain, and as a result she turns everyone into strange things (like food). In their Al-induced states, BT, Micky, Mike, Peter, and Davy have to get Al's brain back into her head so they can be themselves again.

#20 - Got Mick?
Al finally makes a potion to let the Monkees into Peter's mind. Consequentially, BT turns herself into another Micky due to Micky overload.

#21 - Power Surge
Al sends her powers to get cleaned and BT steals them when they come back. With them she turns the pad into her palace, makes Micky like her, and turns Al, Davy, Peter, and Mike into various household objects so that they can't ruin her plans. The four wait desperately for BT to make the slip-up that will get Al her powers back.

#22 - Peter In His Own Mind
Al finally figures out a way to get Peter into his own mind. However, Peter doesn't know how to control his powers and ends up making two of everyone, thus forcing Al to try and teach him how to set things right.

#23 - Love Is The Ultimate Trip
Davy gets an insane crush on Al by means of a defective twinklie. Al ends up locking herself in the bathroom with Micky, who is hiding from BT. They basically fight with each other continuously until BT and Davy, working together, break into the bathroom. After a big chase, Micky and Al try to get rid of Davy and BT's obsessive behavior.

#24 - The Powers That Be
Micky and Davy steal Al and BT's powers, intending to have some fun. Micky gets his revenge on BT, and he and Davy start going off on a power spree.

#25 - Learning To Fly: Mike's Foopy Flight
Mike wishes he could fly and Al gives him a lovely pair of dragon wings. Soon, though, Mike regrets his wish and asks Al to change him back, but she can't remember how. After Mike is seen flying and is nearly taken away by weird scientists, Al decides that she had better figure out how to undo the wish.

#26 - They Ain't Your Average Twinkies
An evil version of Peter shows up, accompanied by an evil version of Al and an overbearingly good version of BT. The three wreak havoc on the pad, turning people into each other's relatives, playing annoying songs, and generally being pests.

#27 - Personality Hygiene
Al and BT slam into each other so hard they switch brains. Somehow, the traits they got from each other are magnified, and Davy gets a crush on BT.

#28 - Mind Your Own Business
Mike goes into Peter's mind one night to get a snack and accidentally gets stuck. Al tries everything she can think of to help him out, but she finally realizes that the problem isn't with Mike, it's with Peter.

#29 - There's Hair In My Poundcake
Al decides to like Davy, but in doing so she accidentally foops Micky up and he starts liking BT. Only his hair gets all curly and scary, so BT spends a lot of time hiding from him.

#30 - The Little Hat That Could
Peter gets a hat from a guy selling popsicles, and the hat takes him, Al, and BT over when he puts it on. The others are methodically taken over as they try to save Peter from the hat. Finally Al comes up with a plan to overthrow the hat by using Peter's subconscious.

#31 - Micky Beside Himself
BT makes a robot that looks just like Micky, but something goes wrong and it thinks it's a BT and is in love with Micky. Al, Davy, and Micky manage to work that out, but then the robot thinks it's a kid and BT is its mommy.

#32 - Can We Keep Her?
Mike and Davy catch a sea monster and decide to keep it. Babbit isn't very happy about this, so they hide Sassip in Peter's mind. Sassip develops an immediate attraction to Davy, and she follows him everywhere.

#33 - Ask Your Mommy And Daddy
Al makes MT real, and he decides that BT is his mother and Micky is his father. BT is very upset about this and freaks out accordingly. After BT receives multiple chidings from Al about her bad treatment of MT, Peter finally convinces BT that MT's being real could turn out to be fun.

#34 - One Poofed Off To The *Cuckoo* Nest
BT's antics finally drive Al over the edge, and she sends BT to figment *cuckoo*. There BT is tortured stupidly by Evil Al, Nice BT, and an evil version of Micky. Micky is insanely happy about BT's being gone until he gets on Al's nerves and she sends him to figment *cuckoo* as well, where he is made to play house with BT.

#35 - Blood Donors Can Change Your Life
Davy and Al bang into each other and Davy accidentally gets some of Al's blood in him, making him a figment. This messes up Peter's figment balance, and the only way to set things right is with a blood donor.

#36 - Being Human Can Only Get You So Far
Sassip brings Davy into Peter's mind one night, and she gets turned into a human because of one of Davy's dreams. When Davy wakes up he immediately gets a crush on her, and so does Micky. Davy and Sassip have to decide if they should both be human or sea monsters...or if they should just go back to the way they were.

#37 - Pocket Micky
BT shrinks Micky and keeps him in her pocket. Only MT knows about this and Mike, Davy, Peter, and Al try to get him to speak up, despite BT's efforts to keep him quiet.

#38 - MT's Terrible Twos
MT regresses into near-babyhood and causes bedlam (much spitting up and gross things of the sort). After being spit up on multiple times, everyone finally figures out how to get him to quit being babyish and disgusting.

#39 - Monkee Madness
Everyone switches bodies, causing major confusion and many strange circumstances. Al figures out how to change everyone back, but it takes a while.

#40 - MT Finds a Friend
BT tries to switch her powers with Al's, but MT screws up the plan. Al ends up regressing and thinking she's five, much to MT's joy.

#41 - NBT (Normal BT)
BT and Nice BT merge, causing BT to act rational and basically normal.

#42 - The Life And Times Of Sassip
Sassip puts the authors in her pouch, and subsequently gets her own story. She takes Davy to a desert island with her and tries to tell stories about her life, but she keeps getting interrupted and finally gets so frustrated she returns to the pad.

~Al's Solo Stories~

#1 - Al Minus BT
BT goes away, leaving Al alone to do as she likes in the quiet. Al soon gets bored in Peter's mind and decides to spend some time with the Monkees and Sassip. But Sassip goes on a punting spree and Al ends up getting punted who knows where.

#2 - Al And Mike
Al and Mike spend some time roughing it on the island Sassip punted them to, waiting to see how long it will take the others to come looking for them.

#3 - Al And MT
Al regresses again because Sassip whonked her on the head in the previous story. She and MT run around doing weird kiddie things and Micky has fun watching them.

#4 - Al And Micky
Micky, Mike, and Davy take the still-regressed Al to the park. They fool around, playing games and eating; then Mike and Davy go off by themselves, leaving Al and Micky together to be silly. Sassip comes to the park and remedies Al's regression, much to Micky's dismay.

#5 - Al And Sassip
Al and Sassip get lost on their way home from the park and wander around arguing and hitting each other until they finally find Micky and Davy.

#6 - Al And Davy
Davy turns into a werewolf because of a dumb plot idea. He and Al go around acting out the story horribly until Al the Author finally gets sick of their bad acting.

#7 - Al And Peter
Al and Peter spend some quality time together being superheroes and saving the Earth.

#8 - Al And Her Past Up Til BT And Maybe Beyond
The story of the past of Peter, Al, and BT.

#9 - Sassip's Past
Sassip tells the story of her past as princess of the sea monsters.

#10 - Al And A Stupid Story
Sassip accidentally steps on Al, causing her powers to go whonky and fizzle a lot. Mike, Micky, Davy, and Peter try to figure out what happened while Sassip sulks about being turned into a cat.

#11 - Al The Cat
Al turns herself into a cat for the heck of it and gets stuck that way. All manner of foopy things happen until she gets stuck to MT and Davy gives them both a bath.

#12 - Davy Gets Unbearably Cute
Davy's cuteness reaches an all-time high, resulting in girls being stuck to the pad windows and Al acting really stupid.

#13 - Lemmyade Pops Arrives!
MT's figment, Lemmyade Pop, shows up and terrorizes everyone (especially Micky) while trying to use her under-developed powers.

#14 - Al And The Thing That Is The Thing
Davy gets whacked head-first into a cabinet and wakes up thinking he's a sea monster and everyone goes through *cuckoo* trying to get him to change back.

#15 - Mike And Micky And The Thingy
Mike and Micky find a shiny crystal in the park. They bring it back to the pad and soon discover that the crystal is actually made up of five separate parts, each with minimal powers of defense.

#16 - Obvious Problems
LP comes back with a little more knowledge of how to control her powers. Al goes around eating strange things, then LP turns her and everyone else into assorted creatures and table settings. Al, Mike, Davy, and Micky go to seek the help of Peter, who somehow got Al's powers stuck to his foot.

#17 - Power Problems
Al and LP get in a fight in which LP loses her powers. Everyone suspects Al of stealing them, but it turns out that she didn't; MT did.

~Back to regular Al & BT~

#43 - More Than You Ever Really Wanted To Know About Sassip
BT returns from her 17-story absence, and Sassip takes everyone to her island home. There she tells her parents that she wants to marry Davy; BT gets an evil idea and turns Davy into a sea monster, which Al can do nothing to fix because Sassip smacks her and she regresses again.

#44 - How To Succeed In Superheroism Without Really Trying
Twelve weird men come in and cart Mike, Micky, Davy, and Peter off, so Al, MT, BT, and Sassip decide to become superheroes and save them. But since Al and BT are practically blind as superheroes and MT is incapable, Sassip takes it upon herself to be the hero.

#45 - Oh Goody, More Regression
BT establishes a mind link with Al, but then Al gets hit on the head and regresses. Both BT and Al end up acting like little kids, and they both do strange kiddie things until Sassip punts Al and all is well...sort of.

#46 - You Are Not My Mother, You Are a Snort
MT decides that he wants Al to be his mother instead of BT. When Al takes over the motherly tasks, BT begins to get jealous because MT acts better with Al as his mother.

#47 - Poundcake Keeps Falling On My Head
BT hits Al on the head to make her regress. Then she tries to regain MT as her kid. She also makes it rain poundcake on Davy, and Davy and Micky are intent on eating it all.

#48 - Mind Games
BT moves into Al's mind, making Al's head heavy. Mike goes into Al's mind to try and talk some sense into BT. He has no success, so Micky goes in and manages to talk BT out of living in Al's mind.

#49 - He's Just A Typical Psychopathic Killer
BT hugs Micky so hard he passes out, and when she revives him, he begins acting psychotic and mean. After they are all attacked multiple times, everyone decides to just ignore Micky and see what happens.

#50 - Lily Pad
Micky gets a girlfriend named Lily, which royally ticks BT off. She terrorizes Lily as much as possible, even trying to enlist the help of Sassip. Micky isn't happy about this, especially when BT turns Lily into a glass of borscht and nearly dumps her in the ocean.

#51 - Caution: Shortness May Result In Death
Everyone falls on Davy, including Sassip, and it basically kills him. While Al is trying to figure out what happened, Davy laments being insubstantial. Mike and BT are also trapped in a box together for a time. Finally, the sentient poundcake speaks up and tells everyone how to solve Davy's problem.

#52 - Micky and BabyFace-d MT
Babyface shows up at the pad one day and tries to pull Micky into a heist. But the confusion of having three people that look like Micky around coupled with the normal Al and BT related insanity prevents him from doing much of anything.

#53 - Salvation Through Gravy
Micky's mind snaps because of BT's constant, mushy babbling. Al keeps BT asleep with gravy while she, Mike, Davy, Peter, and Sassip try to revive Micky. Finally, they are forced to go into his mind to fix whatever BT did to him.

#54 - Animated Fun
BT accidentally turns the entire pad into a cartoon during a zap war. Since her powers were reflected off a mirror, everyone is stuck in cartoon form until it wears off. So they make the most of it and do a lot of cartoon-y things.

#55 - Bad Luck Sticks To You Like A Bowl Of Oatmeal
BT gets put it a bowl when she melts, but when she resolidifies, the bowl is stuck to her tush. She spends the story futilely trying to get it off.

#56 - Human Conditions
Davy decides to like Al for a while, making Sassip jealous. So Sassip asks BT to turn her into a human girl, and BT obliges. This causes much fighting between Al and Sassip, and a little between BT and Micky, because Micky finds Sassip cute as a human.

#57 - The Guy With The BPFL's A Bit Effeminate, Isn't He?
Peter dreams that Al and BT are boys, and this has the effect of actually making them so. They go to consult Puma and she promises to set things right the next time Peter is dreaming.

#58 - Again With The Cats
Micky flings BT off the balcony; she hits her head and wakes up thinking she's a cat. Everyone proceeds to treat her like one until it gets annoying Al makes Micky change her back.

#59 - I'm Like A Toy Balloon
BT turns Davy's head into a balloon because she thinks he's getting stuck up about his cuteness. Unfortunately, he's a cute balloon, too, and Al spends most of her time drooling and swooning over him.

#60 - When You Wish Upon a Bean (Can)
Al turns BT into a bean can genie and ends up belonging to Davy. But before he wishes her free, he wants his fair share. This ticks BT off royally, and she goes about messing up his wishes to the best of her ability.

#61 - Mind Control: May Cause Drowsiness
Micky taps into Al's powers and starts doing weird things to people. But Al can't fix anything because Micky's mind link is making her tired.

#62 - Hats Do Wonders For Your Love Life
Mike loses his hat, so BT finds him a new one. But she messes with it to make it green and Mike ends up getting turned into a girl. Davy immediately attaches himself to the Mike-Chick, about which neither Mike nor Sassip is happy.

#63 - Plank Boy Strikes Again (For The First Time)
Micky's plank-like state, induced by BT in the previous chronicle, is supposed to be cured, but is generally ignored for most of the story. Of course, Micky is not happy about this and frequently demands a re-direction of the plot focus.

#64 - Who Let The Chihuahua In? Oh...It's Sassip
BT gets angry at Sassip and shrinks her from a 7ft. sea monster into a 2 ft. sea monster. This does not make Sassip happy, and she runs around the pad causing a big mess, especially when her predicament is ignored.

#65 - 17+5=21
BT thinks it would be fun for Micky and MT to switch ages, except her plan goes awry and MT ends up acting like he's 17.

#66 - Residual Plot Chaos
Many plots from previous stories all occur at once, causing mass confusion.

#67 - Needle-less To Say...
BT pines for Micky and turns into a pine tree. She can't turn herself back for some reason, and is basically ignored. Pink Thing makes his first appearance, sending Sassip on a punting spree. Eventually everyone decides to go out trick-or-treating.

#68 - Double Your Pouch Time, Double Your Fun
Mike nearly drowns in a pool of Sassip's drool, and when he's revived, he thinks he is Sassip. This scares everyone except Sassip, who is obviously not happy.

#69 - The Dumbest Boofed-Up Manuscript Ever Written
BT gets angry at Micky and decides that MT shouldn't look like him anymore. So she turns MT into a look-alike of Davy by way of potion-laced pops. The presence of two Davy's makes Al get drunk on cuteness, so it's left to Mike, Micky, Davy, Peter, and Sassip to figure out what BT did to MT.

#70 - A Rather Egg-xact Transmogrification
Sassip eats Peter and lays him in an egg, causing him to hatch as a young seabeast. Pink Thing finds out and thinks that Sassip mated with some other seabeast, so he tries to either make Sassip like him or get rid of Peter himself.

#71 - Zomberiffic Expidentures
Davy and Mike come back from a chicken fry as zombies and begin looking for brains. Eventually, Al figures out what happened to them and invents a formula to cure it.

#72 - Squeeing Piecatchers
MT acquires the ability to tap into Al's powers and does all manner of funky, kiddy things with them until Al figures out how to block him out mostly.

#73 - Hat Comes Back
The evil hat from #30 comes back and takes over MT. From there, the hat is able to use various mind links to take over several more people. Pink Thing steps in to "save" Sassip, and ends up inadvertently helping to get rid of Hat.

#74 - The Attack Of The Killer Fro
Micky's hair gets huge and starts eating everybody. Also, Al thinks she's a teenager and plasters her face with makeup. In a strange and roundabout way, this ends up helping to defeat the fro.

#75 - Don't Count Your Peeps Before They Hatch
Sassip gets turned into a giant marshmallow Peep. Strange things happen, such as she lays sugar eggs and people get stuck to her. The abundance of marshmallow makes everyone hungry.

#76 - A Link To Horror (Click If You Like Horror)
Al somehow gets her hands on a VCR and a tape of The Legend Of Zelda. MT pulls Link out of the TV, but then the VCR gets broken and Link has to contend with the possibility of never getting home.

#77 - Hats Off, Cheerios In
Mike's hat gets jealous of Link's hat and goes on a rampage. Dozens of hats come to help defeat it, and finally Micky's fro has to be brought back to end the madness.

#78 - Adopt A Fooper
Everyone thinks BT is a boy, and when she tries to prove she's not, she makes Micky so angry that he puts her up for adoption. BT comes back with the intent of getting revenge.

#79 - Chef-Boy-BT
BT bakes Al in a pie, then goes off on a cooking spree, creating something she calls "raviolios". Everyone goes absolutely crazy for them and they all try to outdo each other in offering BT things in exchange for more raviolios.

#80 - Antler Angst
Micky grows a pair of antlers, which immediately start causing trouble. He also gets the urge to poke people in the tush with his new appendage.

#81 - Three Stupid Figments, Two Cute Percussionists, And A Wishbird in a Monkees' Pad
Peter finds a magical wish bird and wishes to be a figment. His wish is granted and he becomes Micky's figment. Unfortunately for everyone else, it turns out that Micky gets more insane whenever Peter poofs out.

#82 - Screech Out and Touch Someone
Peter turns MT into an actual little kid. This causes MT's voice to be higher, and he screeches throughout most of the story as a result. Everyone else also either gets turned into things or acquires strange appendages.

#83 - When Sassip Falls In Love, Things Happen
Sassip takes everyone to meet her true seabeast love, Stegoo. But they can never get married because Sassip wants to remain living in the pad and Stegoo wants to live on his island.

#84 - Who Let The Chick Out Of The Mind Pad?
Micky decides he wants a girlfriend and asks MT for help. Of course that turns out to be a mistake, as MT poofs up a 17-year old girl. Micky tries all manner of things to make her older, but only succeeds in turning her into a chicken.

#85 - Link And The Stupid Squad
Link decides that he wants to be a superhero, but he needs the help of everyone else. They all go around being their insane selves until Link demands control of the plot and tries to restore order.

#86 - Have Antennae, Will Drool
Mike absently eats BT's antennae and gets insanely stupid from all the stupidity that BT claims had leaked into the antennae. BT becomes overly smart and is disgusted with everybody. Micky and Peter finally figure out how to help Mike.

#87 - Mopcan Micky
Micky gets fed up with BT using her powers against him, so he figures out a way to use Al's powers himself without having to use them through her. He proceeds to do all sorts of stupid stuff with them until Al asks Peter to help her get them back.

#88 - Laugh Riot
Davy still has his hands on Mike's hat because he thinks it looks cute on him and stole it in the last story. For some reason the lack of hat makes Mike stupid again. In his stupidity, Mike decides to glue some of his molted feathers back onto his wings, and an allergic reaction to the glue "kills" him. Therefore everyone else has to figure out how to fix him.

#89 - This Is The Tale That Has No Plot, It Was Writ Without No Thought
Mike is stupid yet again and runs around doing a bunch of stupid things. Micky talks almost entirely in the third person during the whole story. Al tries to "style" Micky's hair, and that doesn't make him happy. Peter is upset at the lack of plot and continuity. BT, Davy, Sassip, and MT also do a bunch of stupid, pointless things.

#90 - Figments of the Bride
While watching TV, MT gets the idea that Al and Micky should get married so they can properly be his Mommy and Daddy. Wedding preparations are going along quite insanely until Mike, in fits of hatless stupidity, pogos on Al and she regresses again. Meanwhile, BT is trying to get someone in the pad to marry her just for the heck of it.

#91 - Davert Mikas: Two Monkees Merged
Davy and Mike accidentally get merged into one person, "Davert Mikas" and they act like a strange mix of each other. Al makes them separate again but they still act screwed up. Then, after many stupid accidents, Peter merges them again and everyone is counting on Al to fix them properly the second time around.

#92 - Pogo Pride: Sticking With It
Sassip eats Mike and lays him in an egg. When he hatches, he is full-grown, cute, and ready to pogostick like there's no tomorrow. Sassip ends up with a crush on him, but Mike doesn't like her, plus he's better at punting than she is. Mike also writes a book on pogosticking and drives everyone nuts until Peter finally turns him back into a person.

#93 - 6 and 1/2 Weeny Sassips All In A Row
MT turns Sassip into five Sassips, and they all have fun punting, laying eggs, and causing a general mess. Mike gets turned into a pogosticking sea beast again, BT gets eaten and laid in an egg, and Stegoo makes a brief appearance, during which he and all the Sassips get shrunk. Eventually, Stegoo makes off with all but the original Sassip, leaving her sad and small until Al turns her back.

#94 - Mike's Misfortunate Mishap
After MT gets in trouble for shoving crayons in people's ears, he steals Sassip's headspikes and puts them on his own head. He then decides that they would look better on Mike. Once Mike has the headspikes, everyone mistakes him for Sassip, even though Mike punts Sassip far away. Eventually all headspikes are returned to their proper owners, but not without much messing with continuity and insulting of Davys.

#95 - A Life In The Day of A Feylower
MT writes a story about a day in the pad. Continutity mishaps abound as well as misspellings and improper word usage. The authors are right: BE HORROR!

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