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Ellen - 12/23/00 03:22:43
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Who's your favorite character?: Mike

Love the stories. I wish I were that... inspired. Whatever you do, stay away from those Turkey fry parties!

Washy - 12/17/00 02:50:52
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My Email:yankonut27@yahoo.com
Who's your favorite character?: BT

Okay, I started. I have tons of stuff to do for school, but on a whim I came here. I have only read three stories, and I must say, Al & BT you guys are genius, because well I laughed my brains out, and tis very cool, and I love it. Yes Yes, I do. And I w ll read more later on, but my eyes hurt. Yes, they do. Okay, um, I'll go now.

DB - 12/02/00 15:51:23
My Email:biggleslc@yahoo.co.uk
Who's your favorite character?: YOU know......

Ah-ha.....lookies like another one of those GBookie signing tours.....lalallaaa I still have 40some stories to catch up on I think..... YEAYYEAY AL&BEEEEETTEEEEEEEE I still want to write, but....well....kretch

Hippiechick - 11/14/00 00:50:48
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Who's your favorite character?: Peter :::SWOON::::

These are great stories but where exactly are chicken fry parties?

Caesar - 11/10/00 05:14:37
My Email:GVentola@aol.com
Who's your favorite character?: Iago the parrot from Aladdin

Hello. Hello. I am a macaw--that's a parrot. I like pistachios and birdseed. I like to say hello repeatedly.

DeeBeeeeeeee - 11/01/00 22:07:02
My Email:biggleslc@yahoo.co.uk
Who's your favorite character?: *hides* ehehehe....uuuumm

I WANNA WRIIIIIIIIIIIIIITE but I never get to, and, uh....I wonder why....*hides* eheheheh uuuuummmmm.......k, *must not be dangerous* OMGOMGOMG I *LOVE* AL&BeeeeeTeeeeee STUFFS!!!!! I have lots to catch up on still OMg you write too quickly *GGG* I LOVE AL PICS I LOVE AL PICS oooooh my but BT pic is FUNNYYYYYYY I TOSSED MY TUSH!!!!!! Oh, apparently I must go find hidden link & I most likely wasn't mean to disclose that information but I did so *BLEEEUUURGHGHG* *BRUGBRUG!!* I think I shall do ramblyness here sometimes when I yam bored ~DB

LP - 10/31/00 08:43:52
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Who's your favorite character?: MT cause he made meeeeeee

Hmm, look, its a guestbook, yaaaaaaay, um I'm bored and MT is sleepin so I ain't got nothin to do so I'm here buggin you foopers. The page is lookin groovy, blah blah blah. Allllllll, you need to draw meeeeeeee (just remember, you told me to keep pester ng you about it *veg). uuuuuum, I'm behind in my reading on the stories, i should prolly read s'more, but I'm just too foopy right now to bother. eeeeeeerm, Oh, we need to finish the "LP shuts Als head in a drawer and chops it off" story cause we just d , who has that, BT? um anyway, I guess I'm gonna go play Hide and Go Seek with myself in MTs mind cause I ain't got nothin better to do. You'd be surprised how hard it is to find yourself, on one hand I know all my hiding places, on the other, I know th t I know all my hiding places so I hide somewhere else and then I can't find me. It's really a drag.

Sam/NiMan - 10/31/00 00:45:03
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My Email:serene_universe@yahoo.com
Who's your favorite character?: Al, BT, and Micky

OMG these are the FUNNIEST things! And the pictures! TALK ABOUT LOIL!!!!

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