It's like the first story, but in reverse.
You Misremember This

One day BT was a block because of the previous story and Davy thought it was hilarious and started kicking her around and Mike said, "Stop it man!" and Davy frowned and walked off to bed.
Peter started kicking her as well. Mike sighed. "Not you too!"
Peter frowned and went to help Davy sleep.
"PETER! Get out of my bed! Your bed's over there!" Davy was heard to shriek.
"Ommmbbbbffff!!" muuttered the block unhappily.
Al was still hanging from the balcony.
"OMMBBFFFF!!" said BT, hurling herself up at Al's head. Al merely grabbed her and mused over her.
"Hmmmm. You're rather square aren't you BT? BWAHAHAHA!" said Al. All the blood had rushed out of her feet and into her head and now she was seeing purple.
"Wheeee heheheheeheheheheheheheehheheheehehehehheehehheheheheeheheh," said Al for 3 hours straight until everyone got tired of it and cut her down.

She went to sleep for a few hours and when she woke up she continued to giggle.
"OMMMMBBFFF!!" said BT who was sick of being a block.
"What's wrong with Al?" asked Davy.
"I dunno." said Micky, playing with BT.
"WHo's AL?' asked Peter walking into the room.
"Why, that's Al, the weird one giggling over there. Sheesh Peter, don't you remember?" Said Mike.
"Nope, never seen her in my life!" said Peter.
"Hey guys, I think she's delirious or something!" said Micky.
Al was burning up. Suddenly BT popped back into a person again.

"Wow, what happened?" she asked. She grabbed Al and shook her furiously. "WHY DIDN'T YOU TURN ME BACK HOURS AGO!?" she shrieked.
"Wha? I didn't change you back yet BT." said Al, holding her head.
Al burned BT and she let go quickly.
"YEOWCH! You're hot!" said BT, getting some ice for her injured appendage.
"Yeh, I feel horribly ill, and stop shrieking! You're hurting my head!" said Al laying back down again.
BT sneered. "Well keep away from me! I dun wanna get sick too!"

Peter watched this display with interest. "You're Al & BT?" he asked.
"YEESSS WE'RE-" BT shrieked, but Al punched her.
"Oowwww...we're Al & BT. I'm BT and that's Al and why don't you remember us Peter???" she shrieked, & jumped up on Peter's head.
"Uuhhhhhhh," Peter stammered, wobbling around as BT was covering his eyes. Mike seized BT & put her on the couch, because she was being annoying.
"It's hoooooootttttttt," Al whined.
"I don't suppose aspirin would help this time," Micky quipped.
"SHADDAP," BT snapped.
Micky shrugged and walked to the fridge to get a Coke.
Peter was scratching his head looking at the two. Suddenly BT started scratching all over.

"OOOWWWOWOWOWOOWO!" she shrieked. Al kicked her but it wasn't very hard as she wasn't feeling well at all.
Suddenly BT broke out in spots all over.
"Ooombbbfff" she said.
"What are you, a block again?" asked Mike sarcastically. He was really sick of this cause it seemed everytime they showed up something incredibly stupid happened. He was, in fact, right.
BT then turned bright red and started shivering.
"EEEKKKK ITS SOOO SOOO S S S SOOOO COOOOLLDD!" she was shrieking. She curled up with Al who was burning hot.
"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh," they both sighed with relief.
"Man, that's just weird!" said Davy, as BT was trying to use Al as a blanket.
"Ow .. ow BT that's my nose! BT!" said Al.
Micky was giggling, and BT coughed on him. "Ewww! Man!" he said, backing away.

Davy ran over to Peter.
"You should remember them right now!" he said.
Peter looked at him oddly.
"Look, Davy, if you wanna have two chicks over, that's fine with me, but you have SO many chicks over, how am I supposed to tell them apart?" said Peter blankly.
"Nooo! Peter! They are your FIGMENTS man!" said Davy.
"My whats?"
"What's that?"

"Listen, Peter, they came out of YOUR head, so you ought to remember them or something. I think you're making them sick. They'll probably cease to exist soon if you keep forgetting about them.... I think they are getting sicker..." said Mike.
"Michael, the state of the human consciousness in the universe is---" started Peter, but Davy and Micky took his hands and placed them over his eyes.
"Never mind philosophy, Peter. These two transcend the "norms" you might say. Now, for instance, that one there, Al, she has the ability to change around reality. Show him, Al!" said Mike.
Al looked up sickly and squinted one eye, closed the other. Nothing happened and she sighed and flipped BT around to a cooler side. "Uh.. sure Mike.. that one really did something.. haha," said Peter.
"Well, she'd have the ability to change matter around if you'd remember her!! Now, the little weird hyper one, BT, has an insane crush on Micky-"
"I HAAAAAAATE MICKYYYYYY!" BT shrieked, & fell asleep.

Peter tried not to laugh at Mike, because he was nice.
Mike shook his head.
Micky made a somewhat insincere sad puppy face & went to the fridge for another Coke.
Davy looked at him oddly, & then turned to Peter.
"Look, Pet'ah. Don't you remember ever inventing any...well, you know, having sort of imaginary people in your mind?"
Peter looked blank. "Once I imagined, that, that I was a pirate...and I went to this island, and-"
Mike looked at Davy, who nodded, & they put Peter's hands over his face again.

Meanwhile, Al was squashing BT, who was starting to irritate Al because there wasn't enough of her.
"Oohhmmmggffjgghhh!!" BT whined.
"BT, you really don't take up enough room," Al complained, & fell asleep.
"OOJBBBFF AL!" BT yelled, & shoved Al off her, deciding she'd rather freeze to death than be squooshed.
Al went to the fridge.
"We're out of Coke," Micky called after her.
Al ignored him, & climbed into the fridge (which was now empty) and shut the door.

BT, by this time, had climbed up on Mike's head & was trying to wear his wool hat, but he wouldn't let her have it.
"But I'm ccoooooooold!!" BT whined.
"Well, go get a blanket or somethin'! It's my HAT, man," Mike said.
BT suddenly got a lightbulb and ran orff to get a huge pile of blankets. She was still freezing though.

Micky sighed and knocked on the fridge. When Al opened it a crack, Micky opened it all the way, grabbed her out and flung her on the couch.
"Nooo I'm sick!" Al said lamely.
"Yeh, well, you're making the fridge disgusting!" said Micky.
Al proceeded to grab Micky and use him as a cold thing to put on herself.
"YEOWCH!" he cried out and leaped off. "Man you ARE hot?! WHAT THE.. WHAT IS.. AHHH!" cried Micky running around in circles.
"MICKY!" cried Mike.
"STOP IT!" cried Davy, getting dizzy. He had low tolerance for things that go round and round since that paperweight with the googly eyes incident.
Davy promptly dizzified and fell over.
Al was currently melting the couch, and BT had frozen the blankets solid.

Al muttered to herself, and with half closed sleepy eyes she walked over to the pile of frozen blankets.
"OH WOW!" she said as she plopped herself down on top of them. She wrapped herself all up in them and soon there was a large puddle in the middle of the floor.

Suddenly, though, Al sneezed.
"WAAAHHCHOOOO!" she sneezed. And the blankets and BT went flying. "Oh man.. what now?" Davy and Mike sighed.
Al started losing her lovely reddish-purple tinge & said again, "Aaa.....aaaaaaCHOO!!!" & BT went flying to the other side of the room.
"I'm hooooot I'm hooooooot!" she whined.
"But you were just cold!" Mike said.
"I'M cold," Al whined, & crawled into the pile of soggy blankets.
BT started fidgeting around, & fell on the floor & squirmed all about, banging into the furniture & walls & people's feet.

Mike, Davy, & Micky looked at each other.
"So, uh, what should..." Davy trailed off.
"Well...we...ah..." Micky said.
", man," Mike said.
It was really quite amusing to see Al burrowing around in the blankets & watch BT bang into everything, but it got tiring, and pretty soon Al was frozen to the floor & BT had set the couch on fire once & set Micky on fire twice. It was getting old.

"Peter...You better remember them RIGHT now or the pad is gonna burn down or freeze or somethin'!!" Mike threatened. "Yeah, and what'd happen to Al & BT?" Davy added.
Al and BT had crawled into the corner together and were shivering and sweating and making a mess.
"No, BT, I'd better sit against the wall or else you will burn it down!" said Al, shuffling around.
"Oh, Al you are sooo cool man," said BT, grabbing Al's leg.
"Don't do that." Al said.
They both promptly fell asleep.
And then.. they both sneezed at the same time. And the roof flew off.
"AHHHH!" cried the Monkees, hanging onto the railing of the steps.
"YOU BETTER REMEMBER THEM NOW!" Micky, Mike and Davy screamed at Peter.
Peter scrunched up his face but nothing happened.

Al had succeeded in turning the house into an icecoated room. BT had succeeded in setting Al's hair on fire.
It burned for quite some time but didn't really do anything at all. "Oh yeh that feels good!" said Al.
Davy walked over to BT and Al and BT kicked him and his pants ignited.
Mike doused him with water. Some of it hit BT and the room was filled with steam.
It stayed this way for awhile until someone managed to find a window and open it, & the steam started going out the window.
"Al?" Micky said.
Davy screeched, "'EY BEETEEEEE!"
"Aahhh, nice figment people..." Mike said. "Here, happy little figment chicks...ah...sheesh, man, what'm I sayin'?!"
But it would appear that Al & BT had evaporated.

"Oooh, look, it's a picture of all of us in our trip to Jamaica!" Peter said, as he was looking through a photo album. "There's me, & there's you, and there's you, and you, and BT, & Al, & BT, and...OOH, I remember them now."

Al & BT reappeared suddenly. BT was hanging off the balcony, & Al was attached to Micky's leg.
"EWWWWWWWWW EW EW EW EW EW GET IT OFF GET IT OFF!" Al shrieked, & leaped away from Micky, only to slide across the floor.
BT fell off the balcony, as it was all slippery ice-coated, & landed on Al just as she slid by. "WHEEE itsa-Al-sled!!" she cried, & steered Al around, narrowly missing the furniture.
Micky looked thoughtful. "I don't remember going to Jamaica..."
"SHHHHH!!" Mike said, & kicked him. "He thinks he remembers."
"AAAAAIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEOUWRGH!!!" Al screeched, & finally managed to knock BT off her, and she went spinning across the floor & bashed into Davy, who started skating around with Mike & BT. They stopped by & got Al, and everyone was skating around utnil they all fell down, and Al & BT evaporated one more time, but then Peter remembered again, so everything was nice and happy.

"I'm thirstyyyy," BT whined. "Do we have any Coke?"
Al pointed at Mike, who pointed at Peter, who pointed at Davy, who pointed at empty air, because Micky was hiding.


Next Issue: Peter has to go away for some reason, & leaves Al & BT behind so as not to wreak havoc on his trip.

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